The reason why the UV inkjet printer independently developed with Weiqian Group is widely applied

The inkjet printer is a small equipment with low access threshold, but there are still some differences in product quality and service. Brand is the first and service is the second. Through these two aspects, we can fill the gap in the product and financial consumption industry. Some can not be said to be merchants and manufacturers, but formed unilaterally.

In fact, the entire inkjet printer brand must be established through the complete combination of manufacturers and enterprises and market demand, including fully meeting service needs. You must admit that brand is a necessary way, but it is also a bumpy road. The lean production mode of famous brand manufacturing and neutral packaging has indeed played a key role in the import and export expansion of inkjet printer products in China. However, this is not a long-term overall planning. Such practical operation methods cannot shape the brand image of Chinese companies and build their own well-known brands. The independent operation mode of the development trend itself is important to win.

However, the fierce market competition in China has also become a major problem encountered by the inkjet printer. In recent years, the foreign market has been greatly affected by economic development and changes, and export led companies have turned their attention to the Chinese sales market.
The foreign market economy is not optimistic and the demand is not strong; The comprehensive cost is rising rapidly and the enterprise management is difficult; Technical standards are becoming more and more strict, product notifications and recalls are increasing, and China's inkjet printer manufacturing industry is facing a new round of reshuffle. Even so, we still need to establish our own brand to occupy a seat in the increasingly fierce domestic market.

The UV inkjet printer W5000, independently developed by the manufacturer of Guangzhou Weiqian Group logo inkjet printer, is a high-definition large format inkjet printer. It uses imported industrial piezoelectric nozzles, an intelligent electronic negative pressure ink supply system, and online variable data printing. The printing effect reaches 600DPI or 1200DPI, which is equivalent to the printing effect; The solid font with clear printing marks, and the scanning identification rate of barcode and two-dimensional code is very high.

Post time: Oct-26-2022