UV Inkjet Printer Channel Agent Recruitment In Progress

Guangzhou Weiqian Group Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the early high-tech enterprises engaged in automation design and logo in China. After 17 years of accumulation, the company has always been focusing on continuous innovation as the main value orientation, with the goal of "becoming a leading brand in the global logo system", and planning its corporate strategy closely in line with the needs of industrial logo. Up to now, the company has developed and produced non-standard automatic production lines with more than ten industrial applications, and has obtained more than ten national patents.

Weiqian Group has provided product services for thousands of enterprises at home and abroad. Various new products with exclusive patents, fashionable and beautiful design, excellent quality and stable performance, have been recognized by customers and widely concerned by the industry.

About Products
The Weiqian Group variable data UV inkjet printer adopts an intelligent electronic control negative pressure ink supply system, which supports multi head and splicing expansion, and non-standard function customization and development to meet the needs of variable data inkjet printing at different heights; The innovative intelligent continuous ink supply control system makes ink supply simple and easy to maintain, and provides one button cleaning and ink squeezing functions; The UV LED curing lamp designed one-to-one with the nozzle provides an environment-friendly and effective solution for material adaptability.

The independently developed inkjet printer control system has a clean and simple interface, simple operation, powerful functions and strong compatibility. It can not only quickly respond to customization needs, but also provide complete SDK, mainstream databases and centralized management support for multiple production lines to meet the integrated application needs of system integrators and equipment manufacturers.

About Investment Promotion
The Weiqian Group has established a mature "agent plan". At this moment, the Weiqian Group hopes to form a close and win-win team with more partners. Weiqian Group provides a mature and perfect "agent support system" to enable the agent team to jointly provide our customers with the best service. Achieve a win-win situation among agents, customers and Weiqian Group .
(1) For agents/dealers selling the company's products, the company provides free training services in the installation, use, technology and other aspects of the products. The company is not responsible for specific on-site installation, after-sales and other work.
(2) The contracted agents/dealers can enjoy various policy support beyond the price. Such as online promotion, policy rebate and sales support.
(3) The factory headquarters provides free proofing services and online technical exchanges for customers from various channels.
(4) Agent recruitment requirements: have customer resources and be customer-centrism; With upstream and downstream technical service sales experience; Have a certain team size.

PS: For more channel investment information, please call the investment hotline, or click the Contact Us page to submit the contact information, and we will contact you in time.

Post time: Oct-26-2022